Pre Primary School - Paras World School

Pre Primary School Curriculum



  •      Integrated curriculum catering to individual needs of learners - iSTREAMM
  •      Sustain learner’s natural curiosity that allows them to explore their environment
  •       Learning concepts through exploration and discovery
  •        Classroom routines support the development of mindset and attributes
  •       Learning process is monitored through ongoing observations, work samples, and consistent connect with parents
  •       Enhancement of the following developmental areas :
                                         o   Personal, Social, Emotional Development
                                         o   Communication and Language
                                         o   Physical Development
                                         o  Proficiency in  Literacy and Numeracy
                                         o   Understanding the World
                                         o   Expressive Arts and Design                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Admissions Open Pre Nursery Onwards